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What is a prepaid card?
It’s like a debit card but it’s loaded to a predefined amount and can be re-loaded as and when required.

You will only be able to make purchases with the card when there are sufficient funds on your prepaid card and you will not be able to spend more than this amount.

The prepaid card works just like any other bank debit card. If you wish to buy a product or service you can use the card in person, over the internet or telephone.
Does it have a credit limit?
How do I get help if I have questions about my card?
Are there any fees for using my card?
Can I change the PIN assigned to me?
I have forgotten my PIN number, what do I do?
What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?
How long will it take to replace the card?
What happens if I change my address?
Does my card ever expire?
What happens if I no longer want to use my prepaid card?
What if the amount of my purchase is more than my available balance?
Is the card safe and secure to use?
What if I have a problem?
Can I withdraw cash using the prepaid card?
I have received my prepaid card, now what do I do?